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Dear Valued Customer

We are pleased to introduce TECNED Industrial Power Systems made in Holland

The need for reliable power has never been as paramount as it is today. Wide ranging applications for controlled energy from Oil & Gas, Power plants, Industry to Public infrastructure demanding absolute reliability.

With TECNED products, Victron provides the complete range of Industrial Power Systems, from rectifier/chargers for switchgears installations to industrial UPS to back-up critical industrial processes.

Fault tolerant designs based on advanced topologies achieving extreme reliable performance makes TECNED suitable to supply energy conversion equipment for use in the most demanding operating environments.

For more information, please visit our website Alternatively contact our Customer Relations Department officer Ms.Chutharat Plyduang by e-mail ; or by phone : 0-2951-9229.

We are looking forward to assist you with your requirements.

Sincerely Yours,

Jan Willem de Heer
Managing Director
Victron Thailand